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The Library is pleased to announce that library users will now be able to access the Library catalogue using their UoB Email ID.







Click on


The Library Catalogue will open




Enter  UoB Email ID in the User ID space – without the domain name eg. If your UoB email address is then your  User ID will be abcd . Enter your Email password as the PIN.





Through Library catalogue, the users will be able to search for their favourite books and publications that are available in the library and also access their library account to carry out activities like reserve a book or renew a book online.


For help and information, please contact ext. 8266 / 8210/

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فهرس مكتبة الجامعة متاح عن طريق الهاتف النقال!!!


Now you can use your UOB library catalogue anywhere from your mobile phone!!


BookMyne ™ is a free app that allows UoB Library users to search, renew, browse book lists, put holds on new books and scan barcodes to see if our library owns a copy of the latest book.


Bookmyne can be downloaded for free from Apple App Store or Google Playstore on your Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android device.


Download Bookmyne from Appstore or Google Playstore.

After installation, type the Library Name as University of Bahrain Library.

·        Sign in to the library with your UserID ( put your University Email ID eg. If your email is or, then your User ID is xyz or 87654321 respectively)

·        Enter the PIN No.  ( Enter University Email Password )

·        Once logged in, you will be able to easily use all the features of this programme.


Here are some of the things you can do with the BookMyne™ mobile app:

Search the library catalog by author, title, subject or keyword.  You will see book summaries, cover images, number of copies and more. 

Access your library account Check due dates, place a hold, renew a book – almost anything you can do online, you can do on your device.  You can even get alerts when books are due or holds become available.

Scan barcodes:  If you see a book you like at a friend’s house or a bookshop, scan the barcode and see if the library has it.

Stay logged in Ask BookMyne to retain your details, so you won’t have to log in each time.




للمساعدة: يرجى الاتصال بتحويلة: 8018 أو8266

For more information, please call 8018 or 8266



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