Library Orientation and Instruction

Students, faculty and staff interested in learning about the library are invited to attend various tours and user information sessions about the library and its resources.  The library offers a host of programmes that are intended to educate users on the resources available in the library. These classes aim to empower students in developing independent learning skills and adopting an analytical, creative and innovative approach to learning. New students and faculty would benefit from a library orientation programme. The session can be arranged with two days’ notice. Sessions are short and can be tailored to the needs of the group. Faculty members with classes requiring student research can arrange sessions that provide students with instruction on the resources available in their field. 


The library, in cooperation with the Foundation Programme, also organizes orientation sessions for all newly enrolled students at the start of each semester.  


Library Tour Request Form


For more information on how to use a number of library services, you can visit the “HOW DO I…?” section